Saturday, February 06, 2016


ARIES: Sudden unplanned plans. Possible lack of dates. If you're married, they are boring. If you're single, plan on staying that least don't expect that proposal!
TAURUS: Be insistant. No sex unless there is a dinner or chocolates or a gift involved.
GEMINI: Mates will be insensitive, kind of careless. Not even a lit candle! Single? No date for you!
CANCER: Seperation? Really, on Valentines day. If you split with anyone recently don't expect a call just because it's the big love day. Go find another date!
LEO: No Ring. You'll wish you were anywhere but where you are that night.
VIRGO: No money to give and your special someone has no money to give. Stay home and hope they are in the mood. Single? Good Luck finding someone not to broke to buy you a drink.
LIBRA: You might have the best shot of a good day out of all the signs but beware of ultimatums, that special someone might just walk away. You could have dinner, movie and loving activity before parting ways with your mate. Best advice is to take a walk in the moonlight before heading home.
SCORPIO: Just a lot of talk, talk, talk and no love emotionally or physically. If you go out on a first date beware the wam bam thank you ma'am routine.
SAGITTARIUS: There is a person beside you but do you have anything in common? Unlikely. Don't drink and drive that night, that person could be in uniform!
CAPRICORN: You'll get somewhere. A short trip perhaps or is that spontaneous fun in the back seat of the car. Waiting to patch that fight up, this is the night for make ups!
AQUARIUS: No trips. Boaring. Calls you want not forth coming. Single? You will be the next day too!
PISCES: Lonely is the night as they say! If you have never been stood up, you may get to experience what all the hype is about!

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