Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Your Body, Your Temple

The human body is an amazing thing. Something that should not be taken for granted. People take care of the car they own better than the body that keeps them driving the car. Most will understand when I say in order to keep a car running you know the car requires gas, oil, tranny fluid and brake fluid to keep it running. Everything requires maintenance. The body also requires certain nutrition, foods and vitamins if you will. Water is essential. Since the body connects directly to the emotion and intellectual aspects why do we not consider what our body truly needs.
One may say "I had a sandwich and chips for lunch, I am good until dinner." Untrue! First off think about what kind of bread and meat you ate. Wheat hinders Dopamine, an essential neurotransmitter in the brain that without it can cause Parkinson's disease. Too much and you have addictive craving for such things as sugar to sex. But who can have too much sex? Lets look as the loss of this one transmitter.  Sure Doctors can give you pills for certain symptoms you get but the nutritional side can prevent or perhaps hinder it to begin with. This body you carry, the temple your soul lives in, that can cause pain, depression, silence, darkness, and unfortunate incompetence on many levels if left without nurture or maintenance. Why risk eating the sand rather than the lettuce? Wheat bread and deli meat offer no value, nor do the chips or soda that went with it. In essence you only stopped being hungry but gave nothing to the needs of the temple itself. It isn't about keeping the body alive, it is about preventing something  worse than death from coming. For instance suffering while anticipating a death to soon. Illness is painful. Let's see what food does well for the temple, just a few to give you a start if you chose to consider changing the diet (I hate that word) or lifestyle. This really isn't a diet. Eating healthy consistently you will never have to diet. If you fight with obesity the pounds will fall off without effort. Doesn't that sound great!
You don't need whole milk to survive. You do need Water. Coffee is good for you. Surprised? It helps prevent cancer and produces Dopamine. Green or Black tea is great also. Yogurt is good. My midnight snack is Yogurt with Organic Granola Cereal mixed into it which is sold at wal-mart. No pounds gained like a cookie or bag of chips would do to you. Oatmeal is great source of Iron as is Broccolli.. Start making smoothies. A little yogurt, a little Almond milk and a banana, canned pears (natural is better of course) or strawberries, blackberries, avocado when the season calls for it and blend to perfection. This will give you nutrients between meals so your temple feels full until the next meal. You'll acquire energy to last and the body will stop forming those hoarding fatty cells in fear of starving to death.
You may say "but I eat all the time. A bagel or cereal for breakfast, McD's at lunch and Pizza at night with snacks in between. Well what kind of cereal? Sugary calorie ridden or oatmeal? Even if a sandwhich and chips was the lunch and not a fatty useless mcburger ask yourself what kind of meat? Processed?
This is a fast food generation, a microwavable generation. Try cooking! Read the ingredients. Margarine vrs butter. However 'I can't believe it's not butter' is the best non butter you can buy. Just take time and read what is in it, or rather not in it. Smoothies, water, green teas are much better than a soda. Even a milkshake is better than a soda. Does this mean you can't enjoy a candy bar or ice cream once in awhile. Oh heck no! I have to enjoy some treats. Just don't gravitate towards them every single day.
Have a relationship with food and cultivate the best functioning temple you can and live longer.
Free range eggs
Real potatoes and long grain rice vrs instant
A little apple cider vinegar and honey in everything you cook
As much whole or minced garlic you can stand in all the cooked meals
Try to order slaughtered meat from a farm instead of packaged on a shelf whenever possible.
Give yourself a month of this and when you eat a mcburger you will feel very very repelled and you won't go back. Your body will tell you what it accepts and desires if you listen to it and not your cravings.
When hungry, drink a bottle of water and you will hold over until you can stop to eat.

Just food for thought :)
Piece of chicken and a strawberry smoothie is a GREAT lunch! Add a salad for supper.

Saturday, February 06, 2016


ARIES: Sudden unplanned plans. Possible lack of dates. If you're married, they are boring. If you're single, plan on staying that least don't expect that proposal!
TAURUS: Be insistant. No sex unless there is a dinner or chocolates or a gift involved.
GEMINI: Mates will be insensitive, kind of careless. Not even a lit candle! Single? No date for you!
CANCER: Seperation? Really, on Valentines day. If you split with anyone recently don't expect a call just because it's the big love day. Go find another date!
LEO: No Ring. You'll wish you were anywhere but where you are that night.
VIRGO: No money to give and your special someone has no money to give. Stay home and hope they are in the mood. Single? Good Luck finding someone not to broke to buy you a drink.
LIBRA: You might have the best shot of a good day out of all the signs but beware of ultimatums, that special someone might just walk away. You could have dinner, movie and loving activity before parting ways with your mate. Best advice is to take a walk in the moonlight before heading home.
SCORPIO: Just a lot of talk, talk, talk and no love emotionally or physically. If you go out on a first date beware the wam bam thank you ma'am routine.
SAGITTARIUS: There is a person beside you but do you have anything in common? Unlikely. Don't drink and drive that night, that person could be in uniform!
CAPRICORN: You'll get somewhere. A short trip perhaps or is that spontaneous fun in the back seat of the car. Waiting to patch that fight up, this is the night for make ups!
AQUARIUS: No trips. Boaring. Calls you want not forth coming. Single? You will be the next day too!
PISCES: Lonely is the night as they say! If you have never been stood up, you may get to experience what all the hype is about!

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