Sunday, February 01, 2015

February's Tarotscope

Aries: New female friends, coworkers and young adult daughters are important. You may also acquire some unexpected or requested money this month. Finances look good.
Taurus: Sometimes you just need to say 'no thank you' Looking for a valentine proposal? It may not come this year but try to enjoy the day anyway. Don't frown if that sweetheart message doesn't come. Make other plans.
Gemini: The yearning to get out of your environment increases but unlikely to unfold. A move or trip afar will have to be another time. Finances or lack of play a role.
Cancer: Females may become ill so watch your health and those near you. Money is difficult. Someone may be in need, help if you can.
Leo: Family is very important to you including relatives. Money comes easily and security is felt. Enjoy gatherings and if you have a dog, show them affection also. Valentine gifts should be surprising!
Virgo: Everything seems to be mundane and dull, boring days could fill feb. Don't miss opportunities because your too focused on what isn't happening. If your single, you'll stay that way this month.
Libra: February is not the month we think of breaking up, yet it is possible. If not you then you'll hear of a divorce or split from another. No proposal for someone expecting it. If your a designer of any kind you may feel creative stagnation.
Scorpio: The theme for Scorpio is Government matters. Put off any court dates until next month. Men will act controlling but immature, just ignore them if possible. Preparing your taxes may be taxing on you. Don't rush to get it done or leave important issues up to others.
Sagittarius: If your in need to borrow money, ask and you shall receive. If someone asks, lend. You may consider getting help from a service. Loans will go through. Others giving you attention will feel limited. Gift giving is indicated.
Capricorn:  Professional men of help. There is a lot of conversation and papers, writing and deep thinking dominate the month. If your a single female you could meet someone, be social.
Aquarius: Great month to begin something new. A relationship, family or project. May travel comfortably. You should have a good month. 
Pisces: Repeating the same old themes. Memories are distorted and feeling like there are no knew ones to be made. You will be emotional as things are difficult. The cause is repeating the same mistakes. Break the pattern and move on.

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