Saturday, January 03, 2015

What to consider when reaching out...

I have been giving readings to thousands of people over the years and I see that people are changing. They expect more from everyone. Different psychics will get different information but no one can get everything about a situation. People used to listen to what a psychic had to say even when it was not in their favor, now they hang up as soon as the information being passed to them is not what they want to hear. Is it possible that in this generation everyone just expects to get what they want, when they want, even who they want? Is it that people are talking to so many psychics via the psychic lines that some have them convinced they can see every detail of their situation they address and many are just telling them what they want to hear? Does anyone leave room for free will to alter a direction the same as a person can commit suicide and erase his entire future? Are all of these things accurate?
The first thing a person must understand is that there are more phony fortuneteller psychics out there than ever before. I recommend that if you get more than one reading from several psychics about the same question you should choose two or three that have been accurate about something they could not possibly of known and you did not tell them. Then do not look towards anymore psychics. To many is confusing. Narrow them down to your favorites then stick with only them. What I find is some people call continuously until they are told the answer they want.
I was once told I was the prophecy of doom because I never had to good things to say to them. If you ask a question and the answer is no then there is not much we can do. My job is to help figure out problems not tell you life is like a fantasy and all great things are at your door. Most of the time we simply don't get what we want!
Some try to trick the psychic. Beware of doing this because the information that comes will either be distorted or, as I have done many time, answered the question with a truth they will not see for sometime and not what they want to hear. They leave the reading laughing but it won't be funny when the description of event begins to unfold. For instance a woman asked about a guy she likes but hasn't yet dated. I told her not to date him because he is a cheater and he would end up breaking her heart. After the reading was over she laughed saying it was her fiance and I did not know what I was talking about. What she didn't realize was that I had exposed his cheating and foretold her future tears. It's dangerous to play test the psychic because you may hear something you don't want to. Always be honest with the psychic.
Asking questions during a reading is not the sign of a bad psychic in fact it is necessary to have validation. Once I told a woman I felt she did not get along with her sister, was this true. She agree then later commented that I had asked her questions to get the answer. That was not at all what I had done. I needed to know if this was in fact her sister and by validating it I could be confident I knew who I was talking about. It is when a psychic repeats back to you what you have just told them that you should worry.
Another factor is knowing if the psychic takes notes. A psychic should never need notes about a client. I do not takes notes. If the reading changed in some way then the reading will be different. Those that take notes will see what they told you and repeat it to be sure they are not wrong about a situation. I have no fear of this because again something could have changed to alter the original prediction. This is why a reading is important. I told a woman who was looking for work that a call will come in from a prospective job offer but if she misses the call she will not get that job, so answer every call even if you feel it can wait. She later informed me that while at the mall carrying bags in her arms her cell phone rang. She was going to let it go to the voice mail when she remembered what I said. It was a job offer and she did get the job. Had she missed the call she would not have. That is how we can change things for the better. I do not feel I am a fortune teller but an adviser seeking information that will help the client in some way even if just to face or accept what they refuse..
Some people want to know what will happen in the next five years. What does my future hold for me? I will ask why? What will knowing what will happen five years from now do any good for you when what you do now will determine where you will be in five years? What if it is bad? When calling a psychic you must be ready to hear anything. I always say 'don't call a psychic until you need one' This way you will solve problems not dote on a possibility.
That's a little of what you can expect from me and a few things to consider when getting a reading from anyone. If they know everything, they are probably making things up to look good and take your money. Some things can not be seen because to know them you just might look to hard and miss them or assume they will happen and not put any energy into it. Like a test score. 'Will I pass my exam" If the answer is yes, please don't stop studying for it! If there is a lesson in it of great spiritual value then you must live through it, sometimes with no knowledge or insight.
If you know everything, how will you learn anything?

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