Monday, January 26, 2015

Visions vs Day Dreaming

People often ask me 'What are visions like?' I tell them it comes from inside your head, a view or flash of something, sometimes a word or name you think of that won't go away. I find it hard to explain as it is to experience with full understanding.
Here's an example: I was talking to someone on the phone and as she rambled about her boyfriend and father while being at the boyfriend's house I drifted off in thought. I was no longer hearing her but as a distant noise and found myself thinking about a door that led to a hall where there were stairs and I felt the color green. At the top of the stairs was a small square hall with two doors and the door on the left was important. I felt like one would day dreaming a memory they had or wish yet there was no relation or desire regarding this area I was fully visualizing in my head similar to a memory. I began to listen to her again and decided to interrupt her. I told her I wanted to throw something out there and asked her to validate if it meant anything. I describe the scene and how I 'felt' the color green. She said that in fact that was the exact description of where her boyfriend's bedroom was from leaving the living room to the hall and stairs to the square hall where his room was on the left. The carpet on the stairs was green.
I did not ask this vision to come to me, I did not seek it but somehow while I thought I was board listening to her complaining and thought I had drifted into a day dreaming state, I was tuning into her world, her boyfriend, her concerns resulting in a visual of exactly where her boyfriend was in that house. Visions are spontaneous and you may not even know your having one because, in my case, it feels like I am day dreaming while my thoughts are roaming aimlessly.
In the case of words that seem out of place or names coming out of the blue can also be prevalent. Once while talking with a client who wanted to know if her ex who called her for dinner was going to result in a reuniting of their relationship. While listening to her ask the question I heard the word susy. So I immediately said to her "Whose Susy?" She knew of no one named Susy and I panicked thinking she is going to think she is a girl associated with the ex! I felt this was inaccurate and told her so but who was Susy? She did not know but the name came and would not leave so I found myself saying "you know Susy..Susy...Susy....." Then it hit me and I responded excitedly "Your going to eat Chinese aren't you?" She said "No, he is taking me to a Szechuan resturaunt" So I asked if they had sushi there and she said of course. The word Susy was really Sushi. Words do not always come in clear so there is a kind of tap dance we sometimes have to do to find the meaning of the word.
When talking with a psychic be patient and open to interpretation. With names I once said to a girl calling for a block of time where I could think about her before the reading and I wrote three names to present to her during the reading. This is so that I don't waste her time with contemplation of such information and we can make the most of the reading. When she called I threw out the names "Who was Leslie, Joe and Tom?" She did not know. So on with the reading we proceeded. By the end I had stopped her three times. Once when she talked about Linda. Again when she spoke in depth of John and at last a man named Tim. Each time there was a relation to these three names I chose before the reading began to the only people she discussed in her reading. Leslie/Linda and then Joe/John and finally Tom/Tim. I realize this is why most psychics only say the initial. I may say Marie it may be Margaret. This is how it works.
Be patient and open with psychics because they do not get ALL the information and what we do get can come in distorted but relevant. We do not open some book of your life but what is allowed to come through will mean something. You'll get more out of a reading if you realize that this is how it works. Any psychic who says to you "you will be at the library at 2 pm and a black haired man wearing a turtle neck sweater will approach you,he is your soul mate who you will fall in love with next' likely making it up. First of all that is to much detail and with that information a person could spend their life at the library waiting for a dark haired man wearing a turtle neck sweater. That is unhealthy and gives way to some man in another place approaching her whom she will dismiss when she should not. To much knowing can change things also.  So beware of those who know everything. Many have bashed me saying "you should know this or that if your truly psychic" I say "by whose standards do you base this? The worlds view or Gods?" God doesn't have to tell you anything, therefor appreciate your told anything at all! To know it all you won't learn anything and life is all about learning. A person will be given information they need when needed. If it is something that will relieve the intended experience to be felt then the information you seek will not come through or if it will change a course of action it also will not be given to you. You must often make your own decision and some decisions required come by blind Faith. 

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