Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Ouija Board

Why is it everyone thinks the Ouija is so bad, yet using tarot is ok? Using the pendant as my aunts used to do, the runes or any other tool is ok? I have seen and read stories about some horrifying experiences that did happen to some but I also know people that have used the Ouija board and had no negative effect such as myself. I do not know what others are doing while using it except maybe not fully understanding how everything really works. I can't speak for everyone but I can speak for myself and how I understand things. Let me share.
When we die we cross over to another dimension that shares space unseen with us, it's our true home. Occupying the space are good and bad people. Angels and demons, not at the same time but circulating through the same dimension. So there is a risk when trying to contact those in that dimension. I've met some pretty cool people on this side so it seems to me there are some pretty cool people over there that I may not have met in life as well as my family & friends.
I've met some disturbing characters here as well and can only assume there are those over there as well. This alone tells us we need to be careful of who we associate with on both sides, but should we say one way to contact them is demonic over another way simply because people say that it is? I don't think so.
A child should never associate with any tool, including teenagers that think it is a cool thing to do, it is mysterious and exciting. It really isn't a game as Parker bros tries to pass it off as. It should be considered an adults game (if they must) and used with care and responsibly. Does this mean we should approach it with the utmost seriousness with sage in one hand and holy water in the other? No. Is this how you would approach a stranger knocking on the door before opening it or knocking on someone else s door because you don't know who might answer? If your that paranoid you shouldn't be playing this game.
What you should do is act respectful and responsible when beginning it knowing there are tricksters or bad entities that could respond to your call. How can we know for sure someone is who they say they are? When my family (mainly my son & I) use the board we have a good time at it because we fully expect to talk to someone and hopefully someone we know. Once we began we smile, laugh and talk to them as we would a guest in our home. There is one rule we stick with before beginning every, session, as we call it. We pray over the board holding hands. In essence we bless it with God's protection, namely Jesus. If you don't believe in Christ I don't suggest using the board at all! You will be open to who ever comes along. Once we do this we will ask if anyone is here, in my home or someone we know and that no one is permitted unless they love Christ. Now if you say 'believe in Christ' it would still be leaving a chance open for deception because Demons know of Jesus so they can agree with us, but loving Christ is something they do not do and will run at the thought.
Once this has been established when someone responds we then ask them directly 'Do you love Jesus?' and one of two things always happens. 1) they say GOOD-BY or 2) they say YES. We have never received any other response. Your thinking that if they were good people and did not believe in the whole Christ thing in life then why would they believe after death? Because, ye of little faith, once you cross you'll know! Since they say good-by or yes I am pretty sure I and countless others who believe are right. If you say there is no Devil or Christ but there are Angels and Demons then you are in a very sad state of affairs and all I have to say is good luck in your self altered view of things. See ya on the flip side and we will see then.
Once they say yes we begin, if they say Good-by we shrug it off and repeat the statement. "Is anyone here who loves Christ that is willing to speak to us?" or "We wish to speak to so and so, can we speak with you?" If a person we named comes through (supposedly) we then ask them if it is them and do they love Christ? If it is them they will say yes and we continue but if they say good-by we know it was a trickster still trying to get in. The good-by in the beginning usually happens only once though, because when you rid the first trickster or ill entity others will stay away. The name Christ was spoken, they challenged and for them he is present.
If you want to take your chances because you don't believe in Christ or the Devil therefor your protection other than sage burning (which I personally find way less effective and smells horrible compared to Holy Water) then a negative experience is yours to risk.
As I explained, this is our preference. It is all in how you use any item as to the experience it will give you. A christian will wear a cross for protection, a Satanist will wear it to mock God. Notice they both believe he exist.  

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