Thursday, January 01, 2015

January Tarotscope

Aries: It looks as though you'll find yourself waiting for something, and be patient because it may not come when expected!
Taurus: Take your vitamins because health may be an obstacle. It is unlikely you'll succeed with your resolutions for the new year. Discipline or scattered, it's your choice.
Gemini: The time to propose or commit. Love is in the air this month.
Cancer: Money may be an issue. Careful what you do with your cash or CC. Young females won't play nice with you at work or at home. Ignore them for now.
Leo: Maybe a new car is in the works, if so it's yours! Some travel on the ground indicated in a positive way. You are more likely to keep those resolutions! Good Work!
Virgo: Basically you can share space and experiences similar to Cancers. Read theirs and your reading yours. No sense in arguing, Just roll with it.
Libra: Another one who can succeed in breaking bad habits and succeeding in your vowed resolution! Clearing energy is recommended. Any visit to the hospital will be short lived. Health improves.
Scorpio: Males such as brothers, best friends and co worker type of relationships are enjoyable and they will be helpful in some way. Good health indicated.
Sagittarius: Money and security indicated. Some how valuable gifts come your way. Increase in money this month.
Capricorn: Male co workers and business partners are valuable. If single maybe a tall dark handsome man will enter. Either way a man become important be it love or business.
Aquarius: Don't over think things. Great conversations with professional men indicated. Any run in with law enforcement is positive. Don't panic if stopped. But there will be no trip or a difficult one. Suggestion is basically not to travel far away.
Pisces: Break ups remain or find yourself embracing a new split with someone. Beware being lead on and told things only to keep the peace. Arguments unfold. Don't start a new relationship if single, hold off until next month is advised.

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