Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Flexibility of time

I once lived on a long road miles from town with no street lights and two acres in any direction. I called this my mystical home. We had more paranormal activity there than any where I lived to date. One day my son, daughter and I decided to go for a walk in the woods beyond our two acres. My son mentioned that he was expecting a call in 20 minutes so it would be a short walk. So we headed out and found ourselves deep in the ravine goofy off for what had to be over an hour. My son commented at one point "I guess I missed my call" and we goofed off longer. Finally we tired ourselves out and headed back home. It was a bit of a walk until we reach the end of the woods to our yard. While crossing the yard he looked at his watched to see how long we had been gone and stopped walking saying "That's impossible" We asked why he said this and he said "only 10 min." We all stopped walking. I told him his watch was wrong and we would check the time in the house. We all knew for a fact we were gone over an hour. Once in the house the clock read the same time indicating we had only been gone 10 min. His call came and he asked his friend if they had already called and they told him they were calling at the right time. Their time matched ours. So where were we really for 50 minutes? How did time stop while we were walking deep into the woods, climbing a steep ravine,walking on rocks across the mini river in the ravine? I have never found an explanation to this day.
Some days are slow and others speed along. Some memories are clear like it happened yesterday while others we barely recall as if it was centuries ago. Is time different for everyone or for all but only in certain areas you pass into?
Can time really be defined? Did time stand still or did we enter another dimension or place and stay  55 min, but upon leaving this dimension we stepped back into our own clock again?
I guess that's why I love movies like 'The Butterfly Effect', Time After Time', or the latest movie I found called 'Time Lapse'. I wonder if these things are possible or possibly happening but do not even realize it if you don't catch it happening as we did then. Maybe it is more common than we think. Does this mean time travel could be possible? I think it's fascinating and I know I will never forget that 'moment' in time!

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