Friday, January 02, 2015

Energy Booster

It is amazing how you can rejuvenate your energy when you have become stuck, board, or stagnant. Depression and a dragging ourselves to do even the simplest of chores can be caused by a low, dull energy force. But there is hope when we get 'stuck' in our own muck. Unless some great emotional event has brought us down you can boost your energy and gain some positive thoughts that may have been hard to come by due to this blah energy we somehow became stuck in.
One of the ways is to clean your house, for men, clear your man space like the garage or car or office. Move a few pieces of furniture around or an entire room. Sweep behind and under furniture. Open windows and let cool air refresh and circulate the area. You'll find odors, dirt and other people's attitude can effect our moods. If someone negative, complaining and emotionally draining come visit make sure you open a window or go for a short walk. A walk to the end of your street and back will remove what they left behind. Everything you or anyone else touches and says leaves an imprint. That imprint is our lasting energy.
If you find yourself staring ten times into the fridge yet can't decide what to eat try cleaning the refrigerator! If you are really hungry but don't want to cook although a big meal is desirable then try rearranging the items on the counter and wash underneath. It may sound ridiculous but it works.
Everything we do has a connection to something else. If I fold laundry or change my bed linen I automatically think of taking a shower. That is the simplest example I can think of. We are refreshed, we get exorcise and this leads to positive or calming thoughts. By clearing the space around us we clear our cluttered mind. It goes hand and hand. The same can be said for the food we ingest and the condition of our body that effects our soul and spirit. Everything we do, think, say and where we live has an effect not only on ourselves but everyone else around us. Have you ever lived near an undesirable neighbor whose yard is cluttered, dogs always barking or kids loud or rude? You could wake up in the best of moods only to walk to the car, glance at the neighbors and feel yourself frown instantly. What a way to start the day. See how everything influences everything around it. With this said, I send positive thoughts and blessing to everyone!        
                                              Have a GREAT Day!!!!!

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