Monday, January 05, 2015

Apparently I'm going to hell

I understand people can go a little overboard with Religion and that's why I don't go to church anymore. It's a contradictory turn off. Muslims want to kill everyone that isn't a Muslim and Christians of all sections want to condemn everyone to hell. And me? Well according to Christians (probably Muslims too) I am going to a very hot hell. That's what they told me today anyway. I am shaken and had to think about this because I am a Christian who loves Christ and I do believe the bible! They talk to me like none of us have been here before, that God is a stranger and that any little straying from some strict path will be a punishment worse than death. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!
I don't know what God they are talking about but I know Christ, have seen miracles and I know he exists in my life. The only ones telling me I don't are my fellow Christians. What they told me through scriptures, of course, is that my being psychic and giving readings (using tarot and other objects, omens and believing in reincarnation are some things they don't yet know about me) is against God and I have purchased my own ticket to hell if I don't stop. Most of what they said regarded witchcraft and I know God doesn't approve of this because spells and faith don't mix. But I am not a witch. I do no spells or enchantments. Another was fortunetelling. I am not a fortuneteller. Fortunetellers are road side shows who lift curses or the fake readers of today who lie for money. (Not everyone is, but honestly some are out there) Those are the fortunetellers!
I realized also that these scriptures only came from the old testament, the history before Christ came to earth. Seems to me Christ changed a few things like sacrificing people, circumcision and marriage. Christ came to center on love, patients, understanding. There are obvious no-no's but not to judge others. If you don't like another's activities and you know it's wrong then remove yourself. Is every alcoholic going to hell? It may not be a great way to live drunk all the time, but destined for hell seems harsh, and my God is a patient God. It is obvious if you side with Satan you likely will go to hell having chose who you serve, but to dream of a plane crash that causes you to cancel your flight only to find it crashed is hardly the work of the Devil!
All I know is that being a Christian myself and having this ability since a small child, raised in a family where it was common to express dreams, omens and accurate hunches and growing up to do this work most of my adult life that maybe I'm supposed to. Having answered my prayers so many times, God would have guided me towards another direction or placed it in my heart that it was wrong. In fact the only people who made me question my living are other Christians. Regular religious folks that have an apparent very dim view of Gods love. When bringing it before God I have never been moved to do anything else or that it was wrong.
Now that I have unloaded the lingering negativity these nasty unhappy people left in my brain (I wrote about how everything is connected and energy is left behind, even words we speak, in a previous blog) I feel better. Do not turn your eyes from Christ because of a dictating religious fanatic who thinks they are a chosen one. Just find your own relationship with him and let him tell you what's what! Christ isn't the problem with Christianity, the people proclaiming they know all about what Christ wants from each and everyone of us while condemning us to hell are the problem!
Praise Jesus, and maybe I'll meet you one day on the other side I like to call 'home'

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  1. Miranda I'm so happy your following your path. I think people forget that just because something CAN be dangerous and misleading does not mean we have to allow it to be. You choose to be guided by Gods light and not the alternative which is proof of your wise spirit. ~Jessa