Monday, January 26, 2015

Visions vs Day Dreaming

People often ask me 'What are visions like?' I tell them it comes from inside your head, a view or flash of something, sometimes a word or name you think of that won't go away. I find it hard to explain as it is to experience with full understanding.
Here's an example: I was talking to someone on the phone and as she rambled about her boyfriend and father while being at the boyfriend's house I drifted off in thought. I was no longer hearing her but as a distant noise and found myself thinking about a door that led to a hall where there were stairs and I felt the color green. At the top of the stairs was a small square hall with two doors and the door on the left was important. I felt like one would day dreaming a memory they had or wish yet there was no relation or desire regarding this area I was fully visualizing in my head similar to a memory. I began to listen to her again and decided to interrupt her. I told her I wanted to throw something out there and asked her to validate if it meant anything. I describe the scene and how I 'felt' the color green. She said that in fact that was the exact description of where her boyfriend's bedroom was from leaving the living room to the hall and stairs to the square hall where his room was on the left. The carpet on the stairs was green.
I did not ask this vision to come to me, I did not seek it but somehow while I thought I was board listening to her complaining and thought I had drifted into a day dreaming state, I was tuning into her world, her boyfriend, her concerns resulting in a visual of exactly where her boyfriend was in that house. Visions are spontaneous and you may not even know your having one because, in my case, it feels like I am day dreaming while my thoughts are roaming aimlessly.
In the case of words that seem out of place or names coming out of the blue can also be prevalent. Once while talking with a client who wanted to know if her ex who called her for dinner was going to result in a reuniting of their relationship. While listening to her ask the question I heard the word susy. So I immediately said to her "Whose Susy?" She knew of no one named Susy and I panicked thinking she is going to think she is a girl associated with the ex! I felt this was inaccurate and told her so but who was Susy? She did not know but the name came and would not leave so I found myself saying "you know Susy..Susy...Susy....." Then it hit me and I responded excitedly "Your going to eat Chinese aren't you?" She said "No, he is taking me to a Szechuan resturaunt" So I asked if they had sushi there and she said of course. The word Susy was really Sushi. Words do not always come in clear so there is a kind of tap dance we sometimes have to do to find the meaning of the word.
When talking with a psychic be patient and open to interpretation. With names I once said to a girl calling for a block of time where I could think about her before the reading and I wrote three names to present to her during the reading. This is so that I don't waste her time with contemplation of such information and we can make the most of the reading. When she called I threw out the names "Who was Leslie, Joe and Tom?" She did not know. So on with the reading we proceeded. By the end I had stopped her three times. Once when she talked about Linda. Again when she spoke in depth of John and at last a man named Tim. Each time there was a relation to these three names I chose before the reading began to the only people she discussed in her reading. Leslie/Linda and then Joe/John and finally Tom/Tim. I realize this is why most psychics only say the initial. I may say Marie it may be Margaret. This is how it works.
Be patient and open with psychics because they do not get ALL the information and what we do get can come in distorted but relevant. We do not open some book of your life but what is allowed to come through will mean something. You'll get more out of a reading if you realize that this is how it works. Any psychic who says to you "you will be at the library at 2 pm and a black haired man wearing a turtle neck sweater will approach you,he is your soul mate who you will fall in love with next' likely making it up. First of all that is to much detail and with that information a person could spend their life at the library waiting for a dark haired man wearing a turtle neck sweater. That is unhealthy and gives way to some man in another place approaching her whom she will dismiss when she should not. To much knowing can change things also.  So beware of those who know everything. Many have bashed me saying "you should know this or that if your truly psychic" I say "by whose standards do you base this? The worlds view or Gods?" God doesn't have to tell you anything, therefor appreciate your told anything at all! To know it all you won't learn anything and life is all about learning. A person will be given information they need when needed. If it is something that will relieve the intended experience to be felt then the information you seek will not come through or if it will change a course of action it also will not be given to you. You must often make your own decision and some decisions required come by blind Faith. 

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Flexibility of time

I once lived on a long road miles from town with no street lights and two acres in any direction. I called this my mystical home. We had more paranormal activity there than any where I lived to date. One day my son, daughter and I decided to go for a walk in the woods beyond our two acres. My son mentioned that he was expecting a call in 20 minutes so it would be a short walk. So we headed out and found ourselves deep in the ravine goofy off for what had to be over an hour. My son commented at one point "I guess I missed my call" and we goofed off longer. Finally we tired ourselves out and headed back home. It was a bit of a walk until we reach the end of the woods to our yard. While crossing the yard he looked at his watched to see how long we had been gone and stopped walking saying "That's impossible" We asked why he said this and he said "only 10 min." We all stopped walking. I told him his watch was wrong and we would check the time in the house. We all knew for a fact we were gone over an hour. Once in the house the clock read the same time indicating we had only been gone 10 min. His call came and he asked his friend if they had already called and they told him they were calling at the right time. Their time matched ours. So where were we really for 50 minutes? How did time stop while we were walking deep into the woods, climbing a steep ravine,walking on rocks across the mini river in the ravine? I have never found an explanation to this day.
Some days are slow and others speed along. Some memories are clear like it happened yesterday while others we barely recall as if it was centuries ago. Is time different for everyone or for all but only in certain areas you pass into?
Can time really be defined? Did time stand still or did we enter another dimension or place and stay  55 min, but upon leaving this dimension we stepped back into our own clock again?
I guess that's why I love movies like 'The Butterfly Effect', Time After Time', or the latest movie I found called 'Time Lapse'. I wonder if these things are possible or possibly happening but do not even realize it if you don't catch it happening as we did then. Maybe it is more common than we think. Does this mean time travel could be possible? I think it's fascinating and I know I will never forget that 'moment' in time!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Apparently I'm going to hell

I understand people can go a little overboard with Religion and that's why I don't go to church anymore. It's a contradictory turn off. Muslims want to kill everyone that isn't a Muslim and Christians of all sections want to condemn everyone to hell. And me? Well according to Christians (probably Muslims too) I am going to a very hot hell. That's what they told me today anyway. I am shaken and had to think about this because I am a Christian who loves Christ and I do believe the bible! They talk to me like none of us have been here before, that God is a stranger and that any little straying from some strict path will be a punishment worse than death. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!
I don't know what God they are talking about but I know Christ, have seen miracles and I know he exists in my life. The only ones telling me I don't are my fellow Christians. What they told me through scriptures, of course, is that my being psychic and giving readings (using tarot and other objects, omens and believing in reincarnation are some things they don't yet know about me) is against God and I have purchased my own ticket to hell if I don't stop. Most of what they said regarded witchcraft and I know God doesn't approve of this because spells and faith don't mix. But I am not a witch. I do no spells or enchantments. Another was fortunetelling. I am not a fortuneteller. Fortunetellers are road side shows who lift curses or the fake readers of today who lie for money. (Not everyone is, but honestly some are out there) Those are the fortunetellers!
I realized also that these scriptures only came from the old testament, the history before Christ came to earth. Seems to me Christ changed a few things like sacrificing people, circumcision and marriage. Christ came to center on love, patients, understanding. There are obvious no-no's but not to judge others. If you don't like another's activities and you know it's wrong then remove yourself. Is every alcoholic going to hell? It may not be a great way to live drunk all the time, but destined for hell seems harsh, and my God is a patient God. It is obvious if you side with Satan you likely will go to hell having chose who you serve, but to dream of a plane crash that causes you to cancel your flight only to find it crashed is hardly the work of the Devil!
All I know is that being a Christian myself and having this ability since a small child, raised in a family where it was common to express dreams, omens and accurate hunches and growing up to do this work most of my adult life that maybe I'm supposed to. Having answered my prayers so many times, God would have guided me towards another direction or placed it in my heart that it was wrong. In fact the only people who made me question my living are other Christians. Regular religious folks that have an apparent very dim view of Gods love. When bringing it before God I have never been moved to do anything else or that it was wrong.
Now that I have unloaded the lingering negativity these nasty unhappy people left in my brain (I wrote about how everything is connected and energy is left behind, even words we speak, in a previous blog) I feel better. Do not turn your eyes from Christ because of a dictating religious fanatic who thinks they are a chosen one. Just find your own relationship with him and let him tell you what's what! Christ isn't the problem with Christianity, the people proclaiming they know all about what Christ wants from each and everyone of us while condemning us to hell are the problem!
Praise Jesus, and maybe I'll meet you one day on the other side I like to call 'home'

Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Ouija Board

Why is it everyone thinks the Ouija is so bad, yet using tarot is ok? Using the pendant as my aunts used to do, the runes or any other tool is ok? I have seen and read stories about some horrifying experiences that did happen to some but I also know people that have used the Ouija board and had no negative effect such as myself. I do not know what others are doing while using it except maybe not fully understanding how everything really works. I can't speak for everyone but I can speak for myself and how I understand things. Let me share.
When we die we cross over to another dimension that shares space unseen with us, it's our true home. Occupying the space are good and bad people. Angels and demons, not at the same time but circulating through the same dimension. So there is a risk when trying to contact those in that dimension. I've met some pretty cool people on this side so it seems to me there are some pretty cool people over there that I may not have met in life as well as my family & friends.
I've met some disturbing characters here as well and can only assume there are those over there as well. This alone tells us we need to be careful of who we associate with on both sides, but should we say one way to contact them is demonic over another way simply because people say that it is? I don't think so.
A child should never associate with any tool, including teenagers that think it is a cool thing to do, it is mysterious and exciting. It really isn't a game as Parker bros tries to pass it off as. It should be considered an adults game (if they must) and used with care and responsibly. Does this mean we should approach it with the utmost seriousness with sage in one hand and holy water in the other? No. Is this how you would approach a stranger knocking on the door before opening it or knocking on someone else s door because you don't know who might answer? If your that paranoid you shouldn't be playing this game.
What you should do is act respectful and responsible when beginning it knowing there are tricksters or bad entities that could respond to your call. How can we know for sure someone is who they say they are? When my family (mainly my son & I) use the board we have a good time at it because we fully expect to talk to someone and hopefully someone we know. Once we began we smile, laugh and talk to them as we would a guest in our home. There is one rule we stick with before beginning every, session, as we call it. We pray over the board holding hands. In essence we bless it with God's protection, namely Jesus. If you don't believe in Christ I don't suggest using the board at all! You will be open to who ever comes along. Once we do this we will ask if anyone is here, in my home or someone we know and that no one is permitted unless they love Christ. Now if you say 'believe in Christ' it would still be leaving a chance open for deception because Demons know of Jesus so they can agree with us, but loving Christ is something they do not do and will run at the thought.
Once this has been established when someone responds we then ask them directly 'Do you love Jesus?' and one of two things always happens. 1) they say GOOD-BY or 2) they say YES. We have never received any other response. Your thinking that if they were good people and did not believe in the whole Christ thing in life then why would they believe after death? Because, ye of little faith, once you cross you'll know! Since they say good-by or yes I am pretty sure I and countless others who believe are right. If you say there is no Devil or Christ but there are Angels and Demons then you are in a very sad state of affairs and all I have to say is good luck in your self altered view of things. See ya on the flip side and we will see then.
Once they say yes we begin, if they say Good-by we shrug it off and repeat the statement. "Is anyone here who loves Christ that is willing to speak to us?" or "We wish to speak to so and so, can we speak with you?" If a person we named comes through (supposedly) we then ask them if it is them and do they love Christ? If it is them they will say yes and we continue but if they say good-by we know it was a trickster still trying to get in. The good-by in the beginning usually happens only once though, because when you rid the first trickster or ill entity others will stay away. The name Christ was spoken, they challenged and for them he is present.
If you want to take your chances because you don't believe in Christ or the Devil therefor your protection other than sage burning (which I personally find way less effective and smells horrible compared to Holy Water) then a negative experience is yours to risk.
As I explained, this is our preference. It is all in how you use any item as to the experience it will give you. A christian will wear a cross for protection, a Satanist will wear it to mock God. Notice they both believe he exist.  

Saturday, January 03, 2015

What to consider when reaching out...

I have been giving readings to thousands of people over the years and I see that people are changing. They expect more from everyone. Different psychics will get different information but no one can get everything about a situation. People used to listen to what a psychic had to say even when it was not in their favor, now they hang up as soon as the information being passed to them is not what they want to hear. Is it possible that in this generation everyone just expects to get what they want, when they want, even who they want? Is it that people are talking to so many psychics via the psychic lines that some have them convinced they can see every detail of their situation they address and many are just telling them what they want to hear? Does anyone leave room for free will to alter a direction the same as a person can commit suicide and erase his entire future? Are all of these things accurate?
The first thing a person must understand is that there are more phony fortuneteller psychics out there than ever before. I recommend that if you get more than one reading from several psychics about the same question you should choose two or three that have been accurate about something they could not possibly of known and you did not tell them. Then do not look towards anymore psychics. To many is confusing. Narrow them down to your favorites then stick with only them. What I find is some people call continuously until they are told the answer they want.
I was once told I was the prophecy of doom because I never had to good things to say to them. If you ask a question and the answer is no then there is not much we can do. My job is to help figure out problems not tell you life is like a fantasy and all great things are at your door. Most of the time we simply don't get what we want!
Some try to trick the psychic. Beware of doing this because the information that comes will either be distorted or, as I have done many time, answered the question with a truth they will not see for sometime and not what they want to hear. They leave the reading laughing but it won't be funny when the description of event begins to unfold. For instance a woman asked about a guy she likes but hasn't yet dated. I told her not to date him because he is a cheater and he would end up breaking her heart. After the reading was over she laughed saying it was her fiance and I did not know what I was talking about. What she didn't realize was that I had exposed his cheating and foretold her future tears. It's dangerous to play test the psychic because you may hear something you don't want to. Always be honest with the psychic.
Asking questions during a reading is not the sign of a bad psychic in fact it is necessary to have validation. Once I told a woman I felt she did not get along with her sister, was this true. She agree then later commented that I had asked her questions to get the answer. That was not at all what I had done. I needed to know if this was in fact her sister and by validating it I could be confident I knew who I was talking about. It is when a psychic repeats back to you what you have just told them that you should worry.
Another factor is knowing if the psychic takes notes. A psychic should never need notes about a client. I do not takes notes. If the reading changed in some way then the reading will be different. Those that take notes will see what they told you and repeat it to be sure they are not wrong about a situation. I have no fear of this because again something could have changed to alter the original prediction. This is why a reading is important. I told a woman who was looking for work that a call will come in from a prospective job offer but if she misses the call she will not get that job, so answer every call even if you feel it can wait. She later informed me that while at the mall carrying bags in her arms her cell phone rang. She was going to let it go to the voice mail when she remembered what I said. It was a job offer and she did get the job. Had she missed the call she would not have. That is how we can change things for the better. I do not feel I am a fortune teller but an adviser seeking information that will help the client in some way even if just to face or accept what they refuse..
Some people want to know what will happen in the next five years. What does my future hold for me? I will ask why? What will knowing what will happen five years from now do any good for you when what you do now will determine where you will be in five years? What if it is bad? When calling a psychic you must be ready to hear anything. I always say 'don't call a psychic until you need one' This way you will solve problems not dote on a possibility.
That's a little of what you can expect from me and a few things to consider when getting a reading from anyone. If they know everything, they are probably making things up to look good and take your money. Some things can not be seen because to know them you just might look to hard and miss them or assume they will happen and not put any energy into it. Like a test score. 'Will I pass my exam" If the answer is yes, please don't stop studying for it! If there is a lesson in it of great spiritual value then you must live through it, sometimes with no knowledge or insight.
If you know everything, how will you learn anything?

Friday, January 02, 2015

Energy Booster

It is amazing how you can rejuvenate your energy when you have become stuck, board, or stagnant. Depression and a dragging ourselves to do even the simplest of chores can be caused by a low, dull energy force. But there is hope when we get 'stuck' in our own muck. Unless some great emotional event has brought us down you can boost your energy and gain some positive thoughts that may have been hard to come by due to this blah energy we somehow became stuck in.
One of the ways is to clean your house, for men, clear your man space like the garage or car or office. Move a few pieces of furniture around or an entire room. Sweep behind and under furniture. Open windows and let cool air refresh and circulate the area. You'll find odors, dirt and other people's attitude can effect our moods. If someone negative, complaining and emotionally draining come visit make sure you open a window or go for a short walk. A walk to the end of your street and back will remove what they left behind. Everything you or anyone else touches and says leaves an imprint. That imprint is our lasting energy.
If you find yourself staring ten times into the fridge yet can't decide what to eat try cleaning the refrigerator! If you are really hungry but don't want to cook although a big meal is desirable then try rearranging the items on the counter and wash underneath. It may sound ridiculous but it works.
Everything we do has a connection to something else. If I fold laundry or change my bed linen I automatically think of taking a shower. That is the simplest example I can think of. We are refreshed, we get exorcise and this leads to positive or calming thoughts. By clearing the space around us we clear our cluttered mind. It goes hand and hand. The same can be said for the food we ingest and the condition of our body that effects our soul and spirit. Everything we do, think, say and where we live has an effect not only on ourselves but everyone else around us. Have you ever lived near an undesirable neighbor whose yard is cluttered, dogs always barking or kids loud or rude? You could wake up in the best of moods only to walk to the car, glance at the neighbors and feel yourself frown instantly. What a way to start the day. See how everything influences everything around it. With this said, I send positive thoughts and blessing to everyone!        
                                              Have a GREAT Day!!!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

January Tarotscope

Aries: It looks as though you'll find yourself waiting for something, and be patient because it may not come when expected!
Taurus: Take your vitamins because health may be an obstacle. It is unlikely you'll succeed with your resolutions for the new year. Discipline or scattered, it's your choice.
Gemini: The time to propose or commit. Love is in the air this month.
Cancer: Money may be an issue. Careful what you do with your cash or CC. Young females won't play nice with you at work or at home. Ignore them for now.
Leo: Maybe a new car is in the works, if so it's yours! Some travel on the ground indicated in a positive way. You are more likely to keep those resolutions! Good Work!
Virgo: Basically you can share space and experiences similar to Cancers. Read theirs and your reading yours. No sense in arguing, Just roll with it.
Libra: Another one who can succeed in breaking bad habits and succeeding in your vowed resolution! Clearing energy is recommended. Any visit to the hospital will be short lived. Health improves.
Scorpio: Males such as brothers, best friends and co worker type of relationships are enjoyable and they will be helpful in some way. Good health indicated.
Sagittarius: Money and security indicated. Some how valuable gifts come your way. Increase in money this month.
Capricorn: Male co workers and business partners are valuable. If single maybe a tall dark handsome man will enter. Either way a man become important be it love or business.
Aquarius: Don't over think things. Great conversations with professional men indicated. Any run in with law enforcement is positive. Don't panic if stopped. But there will be no trip or a difficult one. Suggestion is basically not to travel far away.
Pisces: Break ups remain or find yourself embracing a new split with someone. Beware being lead on and told things only to keep the peace. Arguments unfold. Don't start a new relationship if single, hold off until next month is advised.