Wednesday, December 31, 2014

That time again

It has to be address each year as we close one to usher in another. New Years always begin with the highest of hope, well wishes, and great expectations. When reflecting back try to think of those things that benefit you. What did we learn this year from those darker moments? What grand things small and big did we accomplish? How ever you reflect never do so with regret, all things are in accordance with the choices we made that brought us to this place and time. It may not have been where we wanted to be, but that's why we should look forward to the coming year. It is another chance to rectify those areas of last year or at the least know what not to do.
The road is wide open to move onward, forward, to step on a path unused. Most make a goal we call a resolution. When you do this choose things with in reason. Saying "I'm going to be millionaire!" may not be with in reason. The economy may have something to say about that. "I'm going to make more money than I did last year!" is rational and you can bend around those obstacles that unexpectedly arise we have no control over. Those are the two things you can always include on this new path, the unexpected and obstacles.
Some of the most common resolutions are to quit smoking and loose weight. The biggest mistake people make is diving into the goal with out a plan. Have something in mind. Do you just toss those cigarettes away? Cold turkey or with the help of a program? What does your diet consist of? Cutting out pasta, bread and sugar? A program like weight watchers or Atkins diet? Does this include exercise? There's a lot to think about when aiming a reasonable goal into your grip.
I can't help anyone with smoking habits since I can't accomplish that one myself or how to stop drinking since I already have and it was all about just not doing it. Will power can well be tested when we chose these kind of goals. Some we can master but others may be more difficult.
When it comes to dieting I have lost and gained and lost again. Consistency is the key. Once you loose the weight desired, keep your newly formed habits as a way of life or the battle will always remain. I learned that instead of saying "I will loose 40 pounds" It is less discouraging to say "I am going to loose weight, and I will start with loosing 5 pounds" I know what your thinking. It does not seem like much of a goal. But loosing the first 5 will encourage you to loose another 5. Each 5 pounds that come off will eventually reach 40 and with out realizing it, you just accomplished a desire you thought you never would. Encouragement can be the best tool. Encouragement can be seeing that we can loose something .
There has to be a plan though. A Simple plan. Rather than cut everything you love out and running a marathon only to become quickly discouraged, increment it. Walk to the end of the road and back for a week. Then the store for a week, then town. Before you know you'll walk everywhere and it won't feel like a job. While you do this just stop drinking soda the first week, continue but add the elimination fast foods the second week, then add lesser portions of food the third, then try eliminating a snack before bed. Replace the soda with water, replace fast foods with a sub. Replace your snacks with an apple or salad. If you insist you'll die with out something before bed then salad will help curve this urge or a smoothie. What ever you decide to alter or eliminate do it in increments and you will see results. You won't see 40 pounds in a week but that 5 pounds in two weeks or less will give you what you need to know 'By God I can do this and it doesn't hurt'
What ever your goals or resolutions don't aim so high they remain out of reach before you began. Be reasonable. Instead of saying " I am going to find a husband or wife this year" say "I am going to date more and not be shy" There are some things you can not promise yourself because of those two absolutes called unexpected and obstacles. When your goal involves another persons willingness, you leave room for failure. It's not your fault but you can't demand others to cooperate. Best to find a resolution you can accomplish on your own!
I wish you all the best. I wish you courage during struggles and laughter through out. Let's make our space a place others will want to replicate!
Happy New Year everyone!

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