Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Did you know......

Everyone has had that feeling when in a room alone someone is watching. We get the 'creeps', hair stands on our neck and we just want the presents of another living being. What if I told you that you are never alone! There are spirits walking among us all the time. Maybe a relative or friend making sure your OK or that guide that never leaves your side, (unless it's your wedding night) there is respect from beyond you know. I think they like the quiet though (unless it's your wedding day) They won't miss those special events in your life. Most are related and loving towards us, so no worries. If you are curious about your kids, mom, best friend you will call them or swing by their place, right? So we do the same from beyond. Checking in on those we care about. Don't get nervous or spooked . Say 'hi' and let them know you know they are there.
When ever I relocate to a new home the first thing I do upon deciding to move in is to ask permission to share the space. Wouldn't you rather someone ask to live in your home than tell you to get out! I've always had a positive interaction to those spirits that already reside in a home I move into.
I don't believe in telling them to go the light and move on when we don't know what rules of engagement there are once we cross over. Remember not everyone is welcomed in heaven, yet. What if when we cross it is just onto another dimension in the same sphere as we live in. What if they are exactly where they are supposed to be. Seems a little egotistical to tell others to 'move on' if they have no where to move onto and we don't know it. I settle for sharing space with them. Seems like the right thing to do since they are the authority on the afterlife, not us.

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