Monday, December 29, 2014


I'm a psychic! My name is Miranda and have been giving readings for over 14 years professionally. Through out the years I have research and indulged in finding myself spiritually. I hope to relay these experiences and beliefs in my blogs so that you can see where I am coming from and maybe give a point of view others may not have considered. Everyone has there own perceptions of the world, afterlife, insights, extraterrestrials, spirit contacts, and means of accomplishing their contacts with the other side or our guides. My blog only expresses my perception. I love listening to others to gain another link to concepts I too may not have considered. I am always open to broadening and realigning my views of life.
One of my tools is the Tarot. I am clairvoyant as I believe everyone is. Don't chalk it all up to coincidence. Most experiences are not. Tarot helps speed the readings along and helps offer a little more detail when finding yourself receiving limited information naturally. I have used many instruments along the way but find the tarot is the most direct when dealing with real everyday experiences.
If you decide you would like a reading from me you should know that I am direct and down to earth. I do not believe in Fairies or dragons. I do not claim to talk to any one entity such as Angels. I have a group of guides and some are related to me. Sometimes during a reading the clients guides or family members will join forces if necessary. I seek those things that will help you now, not 10 years into the future because what you do now, the decisions you are faced with now, will bring you to that time eventually.
I am not here to flatter you but to bring a larger awareness of your surroundings and activities. Free will from you and others around you will play a big role in how things turn out. People can change the path and their minds anytime they like. This is important to understand during a reading. I'll go into more detail about different types of readings among others things during my blogs. I may even offer free prediction to the readers now and then!
Don't fear emailing me with questions about your interest in the metaphysical and the psychic realm. If anyone wants to ask a personal question that can be answered on the blog, I will be happy to answer them but remember that the answer will be read by others. You can comment on the answer if you like. This could be fun! Hoping you'll join me and be a participant on this journey.

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